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Green Care Mice

You are not alone, lots of businesses and homes have problems with Mice, most probably this will include some of your neighbours. For information or some general advice either email us or call us.

Did you know...?

  • Mice do not have any bladder control
  • Mice & Rats are colour blind
  • One pair of Mice can produce 64 young per year each becoming mature at 6-8 weeks


Green Care Rats

Don’t panic ! We can rid your premises of these rodents quickly and efficiently. Call or email now to arrange a visit or just for a chat.

Did you know...?

  • 90% of fires are caused by rodents gnawing through cables
  • Rats must drink water daily unless the food source is extremely moist
  • Rats can jump to a height of about 700mm

Grey Squirrels

Green Care Grey Squirrels

The last thing you want is squirrels in your roof-space. They will gnaw through timbers, electrical wiring and pipes. GreenCare can carry out a variety of control methods to remove these pests. We can also proof the area to make sure you don’t have any future problems

Did you know...?

  • Squirrels are also known as tree rats
  • They have two litters per year Feb/Mar and then Jun/Jul (Ave 3-4 young)
  • Grey squirrels were brought to Britain from North America in the late 1800’s. They now massively outnumber our native Red squirrels


All wild birds are protected under the wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.

To prevent them nesting and roosting - proofing should be carried out once the young have left the nest.


Green Care Pigeons

The majority of our calls relate to problems with feral pigeons. These birds badly foul the areas they are nesting and roosting in. Their faeces contain diseases such as Salmonella, E Coli, Listeriosis and many others.

GreenCare specialise in clearing, cleaning and proofing against these so called ‘flying rats’. We have a variety of solutions such as trapping, spikes, nets and the new Avishock electric bird deterrent system, which does not harm the birds, just moves them on.

If you have a pigeon problem or would like to discuss any other bird problems:
For advice or to arrange a free survey please call 0161 627 4044 or fill in our contact form.

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